Kodama (live 2018)

Kodama  the spirit of virgin forests, is a proposal that transcends the boundaries of time and geography, submerging us in the collective conscious imaginary. The ancestral and the life dance their prayer towards a path that the human just begins. A portal that opens from the heart towards the kingdom of the stars. As an avatar I am possessed one by one by the spirit of the musical instruments that in themselves represent the different forms and colors of the deity. Where the midwifes America, Africa and Oceania bring the rhythm of this crossing ¨intermundis¨, to which the melodic tales of the old orient are added.

For 90 minutes of enchantment and dance Feel dr combines powerful tribal rhythms  at times of pure handmade modeled noise other than finely sampling with instrumental solos, harmonized choruses and sacred songs live. The result is a dance between the most exotic acoustics and organic electronics full of character. Their mixture alternates between outcomes that start the claps of the most timid audience with sections where the pieces merge one by one forming a hypnotic prayer of pure joy for the body. In terms of color, pre-Hispanic and Andean music accompany the purest African black flavor that is tinged with Persian, Hindu and Japanese melodies. Although the fusion is massive in terms of folklore, in each piece we can feel a geographical praise that celebrates one by one the roots of the human on our planet. A rite that dilutes time by learning ancestral wisdom and focuses it on the positive, stellar and loving outcome of our times.