Feel dr. / Artur Lanz


Interview with Artur Lanz ¨Feel dr.¨

1th May 2018

Materialize my dream. I felt the call when I had my studio in the heart of the most eclectic and experimental underground scene in Barcelona. Today that call brought me to the ancestral and exotic Mayan land that transformed my music. Bathing with crystalline turquoises their rhythms and songs of marine influence. Here in Tulum you breathe inspiration at every step. Experience much more than the human, the contact with countless species that inhabit this place keeps me amazed. This life permeates my music literally, birds sneak through the microphones during the samplings in the studio, transforming into rhythms. The sound of rain, seeds, snails ... are expressed as protagonists in the electronic dance of my creations. Likewise life is what dictates how and why I do things, in music I have always defended the most pure and irrational act, the direct work of sovereign intuition that transcends any formula and thinking mind, and all its perfect imperfection is raw material to knit calmly the Dreamcatcher that is to live in music. 

In these waters I have had the immense pleasure of being part of the original native electronic music environment, and presenting myself at international festivals such as, Story Tellers, Summit, Woomoon, attracted by its freshness full of ancestral wisdom that provide Tulum. I am grateful to have a residency once or twice a week in a stage where awesome artists like NU, Nicola Cruz, Matanza, Lemurian, participate. 

 The sum of this Mexican experience is distilled in the new material "Rites of the soul" (Feel Dr Live 2018) that I will be presenting during this year. In which I can highlight the first video clip "Into the Rise" that was released at the beginning of the year presenting this new creative stage. And the next worldwide release of the single "Kule Bamako" that will be available on all platforms from May 2018.