The world music, Artur Lanz / Feel dr, is inspired by a living planet full of sounds, but he mentions that his favorite music is the type he has not heard yet. Having studied music of the most diverse origins and improvisation, Feel dr. musician from Barcelona resident in Mexico, brings a different sound with his background of solo instruments and ethnic choirs. Often this one man band improvises with guzeng, a medieval Chinese instrument that is similar to a harp in addition to other medieval and African string instruments. He explores with great depth the music of the world to the point of building his own ancient instruments and of indiscriminate innovation using electronics and acoustics. Other times he delights exotic and minimalist landscapes with his virtuous transverse flute and voice. His more than 15 years of career and 10 solo discographies focus on emphasizing this sound and are layered with ingenious electronic arrangements. Feel dr is a treasure of the experimental scene of the Mexican Caribbean.

New release / Rain / Ft Paloma del Cerro / 2018

New release / Kule Bamako / 2018

New release / Into th rise / 2018

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